Shem Ochudho cries out over his war with IEBC

shem ochuodho

Homa Bay County Senatorial aspirant he Ochuodho has said that he has suffered nearly 2 months of anxiety and mental anguish for matters he had little or no control over.

According to the Aspirant, stopping someone from running for office of the stature of Senate or anypublic office for that matter is not something small to do on insubstantial grounds.

“It would appear IEBC is punishing me for his fight over the years for diaspora enfranchisement, said Ochuodho.

The aspirant further claimed that the IEBC has not presented any written defense, and whether they are serious about objecting this matter.

He further said that the County Returning Officer (CRO) never made a statement nor appeared in court to allow
counsels to cross-examine him.

Ochuodho further claimed that the honourable court did not even put into consideration confirmation of calls made around 4pm on Sunday to inform the him last minute that he was required in Homa Bay the next day.

Ochuodho claims that even the courts where the he thought he could get refuge are yet to come through as he filed a “Review Appeal” on June 29th, 2017 early morning under ‘Certificate of Urgency’, which ordinarily
should be heard the same day in the with the given urgency.

He added that despite follow up with the Registry, and even Senior Counsel John Khaminwa writing to the Deputy Registrar concerned, the matter was not heard nor given directions.

We were only informed on Monday July 3rd, 2017, that the Hon Judges are in Mombasa whole week for the Annual Colloquium and therefore the matter cannot be heard until the following week.

Ochudho said that this case has been one of the most expensive and protracted legal journeys in the current election in terms of pursuit to be have nomination papers taken by IEBC.

In the meantime, IEBC are yet to gazette the names of candidates which was supposed to be done on Tuesday 4th July, 2017, after the Hon Chief Justice cautioned them that there are disputes still in court they should wait forbefore printing ballots.