Six G4S officers detained in connection with Sh 72M theft


A Nairobi court has ordered six G4S officers arrested yesterday in connection with the theft of Sh 72 million in transit to be detained for seven days to allow police to complete investigations.

Chief Magistrate Martha Mutuku directed Musa Rajab, Abraham Mwangi Njoroge, Ascar Kemunto , Wilfred Nyambane, Nathan Njiiru and Danmark Magembe to be remanded at Langata Police station pending investigation.

In her ruling, the magistrate found that there is need to detain the suspects to allow police to complete investigations.

She however ruled that 10 days were too long and directed they be detained for seven days.

The said money was destined to ATM restocking within Nairobi and the suspects were accompanied by three administration police officers designated to escort the said cash.

Investigator Constable Joseph Ngeno told the court that on 5th September 2019, the G4S personnel who were assigned ATM restocking duties left their Headquarters off Witu road with cash on transit van containing 72 million in company of armed security officers.

According to Ngeno’s affidavit, at about 6.05 the said officers turned to be robbers and they turned against the six taking all money in transit and bundled them into Nairobi West Standard chartered (K) limited ATM room and left with cash.

Police told the court they needed further scrutiny of the CCTV footage from standard Chartered Bank (K) Headquarters since there is high likelihood that the six will interfere with investigations and evidence.

The officer further said other accomplices are still at large and they are yet to receive call data from of the suspects mobile phones to ascertain the relationships between the six and other key accessories in the heinous crime of robbery with violence.

The matter will be mentioned on 15th September for investigating officer to report on progress of investigation.