Six women claiming to be Linturi’s wives among goons he hired to evict Kitany, court told


A maternal uncle to Marianne Kitany has testified in the divorce case that six women alleging to be Senator Mithika Linturi’s wives were among the goons he had hired to evict her from her Runda house.

While testifying before Chief Magistrate Peter Gesora, Zablon Cheruiyot told the court that he was present during the two times Linturi tried to forcefully access the house.

Cheruiyot said the lawmaker had married Kitany under the Nandi Customary laws in march 2016 and did not know they had problems until he came to her house in September 2018.

The witness told the court that he had gone to Kitany’s Runda house to stay with his daughter who was unwell after she was involved in an accident and wanted a place to stay since her apartment requires her to go up the stairs yet she had broken leg.

“I requested Marianne to take her in,” he testified.

Led in his testimony by lawyer Dunstan Omari, he said it was while at the house in November that he saw the Senator and four other men trying to gain entry into the compound.

“From the house I could see Linturi engage in an argument with the security guard and after a while they left,” he added.

Cheruiyot said that he later approached the guard and inquired what had happened and he told him that he had been stationed there and only found Marianne who he takes instructions from. He said he did not know Linturi.

He further said that after a while, Linturi came back with OCS spring valley, her deputy and two other officers who demanded they come out of the house.

When he went outside to talk to them they asked how many people were in the house and when given the number, they asked whether there was anyone else in the house as they had been told by Linturi that there were Al-shabaab in the house.

According to Cheruiyot, more police came to the house and he felt his life was in danger and that they were going to kill them thinking they were Al-shabaab.

If we were to run for our lives, my daughter would have suffered the most as she would not have been able to run away since she had a broken leg.

The witness told the court that the other incident occured in December 2018 around noon when police and goons arrived at the house and started destroying the CCTV at the gate.

“After that they tried to break into the hose,” he added.

He said that all this time, Kitany, her children and his daughter were all upstairs.

When he saw this, he said he told his daughter and the house help to go and hide while he hid in the bathroom.

“They came in and identified where some of us were roughed up,” he added.

He further told the court that six women who also claimed to be wives of Linturi were asking where Kitany was.

He however said they were not able to identify her since she was in company of three other women.

I secured the children and Kitany later went to court and obtained orders not to vacate the house.

He however said he could not leave his daughter there any more out of fear.