Sonko pays Sh 100k fine for man convicted for stealing foodstuffs from Naivas

Alvin Linus Chivondo at Milimani Law Courts where he was sentenced to serve one year or pay Sh 100,000 fine for stealing foodstuffs from Naivas Supermarket. Photo/Suek

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has paid a Sh 100,000 fine for a man sentenced to serve one year in jail for stealing food stuffs worth Sh 3,165 from Naivas Supermarket, Development House branch.

Alvin Linus Chivondo, 22, was sentenced to serve one year in jail after pleading guilty to the charges. Alternatively he was to pay a fine of Sh 100,000 to secure his freedom.

Chivondo pleaded guilty to stealing 5 Kg Dawaat long grain rice, 500g American gourmet honey, 500g tea leaves, 5l fresh fri cooking oil and 2kg Kabras Sugar.

Chief Magistrate Wendy Kagendo decided to give Chivondo a serious sentence because she noted he was not honest in his mitigation.

Previous arrest

The court also heard that the accused had been arrested again on 3rd April for shoplifting at the same supermarket but was pardoned by OCD central after the goods were paid for.

In mitigation, the convict said someone was supposed to pay for the 3rd April goods but failed to pay when they got to the counter. 

He said that a good samaritan who had given him her number was supposed to pay for the said goods but could not be reached by phone when they got to the pay counter.

But for the offence of 10th April, Chivondo told the court to forgive him because he only did so to feed his family.

“I ask for forgiveness and request I be released to go home and take care of my family,” the convict submitted.

In addition, he told the court that he lost his job two months ago and his wife and child had not eaten for three days.

He went on to say, “I just got into the supermarket and picked foodstuffs because of hunger.”

The magistrate ruled that even though the convict had not been convicted before, there was evidence he had been arrested before for a similar offence.

The Magistrate also noted that the Naivas branch has been a constant victim. She said she recently convicted four others for stealing from them.

“Up to yesterday, I have convicted four other suspects who have been shoplifting there,” CM Kagendo ruled.

The Magistrate added that, that might be sending a message that it is okay to reap where they did not sow.

“I will give him a serious sentence to deter him and others from doing the same,” the magistrate ruled.