State witnesses claim police wrote statements for them in Babu Owino’s shooting incident

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino. Photo/Courtesy

A prosecution witness has denied writing any statement regarding the shooting incident at B Club, Kilimani involving Embakasi East Member of Parliament Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino.

The witness Derick Makoha told Senior Principal Magistrate that he spent the whole day at Kilimani police station answering questions by the police and then was given a paper to sign.

Makoha told the court he never witnessed the MP removing his firearm as alleged in his purported statement. Two more witnesses have since discredited their statements.

Another witness who was at the time assigned as Babu’s VIP bodyguard said that he discharged his duties on the material day until about 4 am when they went home.

Hamisi Ali told the court that he never witnessed any commotion or gun incident at the said club.

It was his testimony that after he went home that morning, he received a call from one of the bouncers at the club who told him that there was an incident at the club and his presence was required.

Before going to the club, Ali went to his unit (SGB and VIP Protection Unit) at Mbagathi Road in Nairobi and informed his boss that there was an incident alleged to have happened where he was the previous night.

His boss told him that he had seen what was alleged to have happened on TV but Ali told him he was not aware it was a shooting incident.

Ali was ordered to hand over his firearm and wait for further instructions from his boss.

A week later, Ali said he was called to go and record a statement at Kilimani Police Station.

According to the bodyguard, he has  never had an issue with the MP nor has he ever seen him being violent with anyone.

Babu is accused of behaving disorderly while carrying a firearm in January 2020.