Suspect in missing Belgian millionaire case to be charged with murder


The main suspect in the disappearance/murder of a Belgian business lady will be charged with murder next week.

This is after judge Daniel Ogembo ordered the suspect, Lucy Waithera Njuguna to be taken for a mental assessment test before pleading to the charges on 4th of next month.

Waithera is suspected of being involved in the disappearance of Dysseleer Mireille Lesoipa alias Leila wa Samburu who is believed to be dead.

Lesoipa was a Kenyan citizen of Belgian origin who domiciled at Blankets Estate of Mwariki in Nakuru East sub-county, Nakuru before her disappearance in early 2019.

According to a DCI officer investigating the matter, in March 2019 immediately after Lesoipa’s disappearance, Lucy and her accomplices who are still at large leased her (Lesoipa) residence to Avipro East Africa and started earning rental proceeds.

The court heard that the suspect furnished the missing person’s advocate practising under the name Hari Gakinya and Co. Advocates with a death certificate showing that Lesoipa died on 15th July 2019 at MP Shah Hospital in Nairobi.

“The said death certificate was used to file a succession cause No.40/2019 at Nakuru High Court in respect to the missing persons estate where Lucy is one of the beneficiaries,” said Detective Oliver Nabonwe.

It has so far established that the death certificate is fake and that the missing person was neither treated nor died at MP Shah hospital.

The detectives have since successfully stopped any orders from being issued in respect to Laoipa’s estate until investigations are concluded to establish her whereabouts.

Lucy was arrested on 1st February 2020 at her Milimani residence in Nakuru and the missing persons assorted bank cards and a CPU if the said death certificate recovered.

She was also found in possession of Lesoipa’s original passports with immigration stamps indicating that she had travelled to India in 12th December 2018 and returned to Kenya on 30th June 2019.

The suspect’s original passport was also seized by detectives with immigration stamps indicating that she travelled to India on 12th May 2019 and returned to Kenya on 19th May same year.

“The respondent alleged that she had travelled to Janaupuru Bhagat Hospital where the missing person had been admitted since December 2018,” avers the investigator.

However, the immigration department has since confirmed that neither Lucy nor Lesoipa traveled to India as alleged.

The police say that the suspect had been changing her narrative day by day and even alleged that Lesoipa died in a hospital in India and cremated at Kariokor crematorium which gas so fat been proved to be lies.

Her accomplices, some of whom reside in Nairobi are alleged to have gone into hiding upon realising that the matter was under investigations and she is helping police to trace them.