Suspected serial killer Philip Onyancha acquitted of one charge of murder


High Court has acquitted the infamous Philip Onyancha, a suspected serial killer who is facing several murder charges.

Justice Jessie Lessit ruled that the prosecution did not provide sufficient evidence to convict him.

“The prosecution did not avail evidence to connect him to the murder of Jackline Chepngetich Misoi which occurred in 2008 along Munyiri road in Nairobi,” ruled the judge.

The accused was charged that on the 30th day of May 2008 at Mount Kenya Building along Kombo Munyiri Road in Nairobi, murdered Jackline Chepngetich Misoi.” 

According to the judge, the prosecution witnesses exonerated Onyancha since none pointed he was at the scene where deceased was found.

But this is not the end of his woes as he still has two other pending murder cases.

The accused made headlines in 2008 after he was arrested and accused of murder, kidnapping and other offences.

Later, it was alleged that he was ready and willing to confess to his crimes and did so but the judge found that the video confession, as well as the transcripts were inadmissible since The Evidence (Out of Court Confessions) Rules, 2009 were not adhered to by the officers when recording the confession by the accused person, and that his Bill of Rights had been infringed upon.

In the video the accused person was handcuffed when recording the confession which is against the confession rules. Again, the police did not produce his brother as requested by the accused to be present during the confession.