Three detained for 15 days after arrest with Sh 1billion fake currency


Two foreign nationals and a Kenyan allegedly nabbed by police with fake currency notes with an apparent value of more than Sh 1 billion have been detained for fifteen days to allow police complete investigations.

Abdoulaye Tamba Kuoro believed to from Mali, Abdalla Tamba and Anthony Mwangangi Munyiva appeared before Resident Magistrate Sinkiyian Tobiko where the police told the court that the suspects were arrested at Sandalwood apartment in Lower Kabete.

The court heard that upon searching the house, the officers managed to recover papers intended to resemble and pass as currency notes in dollars and Euros of approximately over one billion.

The flying squad unit wants more time to investigate other accomplices who are still at large and the respondents are to assist in their arrest.

The police allege that the amount involved is huge and if released to circulate, it will greatly the Kenyan economy.

The police also want to establish the true identity of Kuoro and Tamba from the immigration department and National registration Bureau and also time to calculate the alleged currencies as they are bulky and were recovered late in the evening on 1st October.

According to the flying squad affidavit, their office has received several complaints of being in possession of papers intended to resemble currency notes and therefore wish to contact the complainants to conduct identification parades to establish whether the respondents have been involved.

While granting the orders, the magistrate ruled that “it is just to allow investigations to be completed without jeopardizing them”.

“It would be just to allow police to seek the other accomplices without interference. I therefore detain the suspect for 15 days,” the magistrate ruled.

She directed the matter to be mentioned on 16th October 2018.

During their arrest, the police also claim to have found animal skin and beads believed to be used by the suspects for witchcraft purposes.

It is alleged that they have been conning desperate Kenyan with empty promises of making them wealthy using witchcraft.