Two families in agony as Kenyan authorities deny detaining kin after arrest

From (L-R) Lawyer Kirathe Wandugi, Hooda Mohamad, Halima Omar and lawyer David Ayuo at Milimani Law Courts. Photo/Suek

The families of two men arrested on 26th January 2022 in Nairobi over allegations of murder in the United Kingdom fear for their wellbeing after being denied access to them by authorities.

The families are seeking answers as to the whereabouts of the two: Mohamud Siyad Abdihakim, 24 and Tariq Kennedy Mangal, 21 since the authorities have denied detaining them.

Sources allege that the two were arrested by Transnational and Organized Crimes detectives with the help of the detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

Their lawyers, Kirathe Wandugi and David Ayuo told the media that they have been denied access to the two even after being informed that they were being held at the Anti-Terror Police Unit.

Wandugi called out the police for impunity and violating the constitutional rights of an accused person.

“There was talk about extradition. We don’t mind, if they want to bring extradition proceedings we can deal with that. But what I can’t deal with personally id the police denying me the right for a lawyer to see a client,” said Wandugi.

He added that Ayuo had managed to talk to the officer commanding ATPU and was assured that they would see the suspects at 2 PM but they got there in the afternoon, they were not allowed to see them.

According to Mangal’s wife Halima Omar and Abdulhakim’s sister Hooda Mohamad, the two were arrested at their homes yesterday at 6 and 7 AM respectfully.

“We have been to several police stations, DCI headquarters and ATPU but we have been informed that they are not there,” said Omar.

The distressed family members claimed that the two were arrested by a group of people among them one British national who claimed to be from Interpol.

With the rising cases of extrajudicial killings, the families want the government to produce proof of life for assurance of safety.

According to Capital news, British officials have been looking for fugitives to answer to murder charges, after the brutal murder of a young man who was stabbed and left for dead in the U.K.