Two Nairobi Businessmen charged with forging court documents

Two Nairobi businessmen of the Sapra family have been arraigned in court for forging High Court documents.
Kuldip Madan Sapra and Ashman Masan Mohan Sapra are facing several counts of offences including making a false affirmation in relation to the succession cause No. 12 of January 2011 in the matter of the estate of their late brother Yogaish Madan Mohan Sapra who died on 8th September 2005.
The matter was before the then High Court judge Justice Isaac Lenaola , petitioning the High Court for Grant of letters of administration in the Estate of the late Yogaish Madan Mohan Sapra died in the 8 September 2005.
 They are also accused of jointly attempting to acquire half hectare land parcel at lower Kabete ref No 2951/443, a house in lower Kabete in plot ref No.2591/195 , a house in Brookside Garden on Land Parcel ref No.7158/38, an apartment in Nyali estate in Mombasa next to Tamarind Restaurant , 4036 shares at Kenya Airways Limited A/C No 0080415, Mt Kenya Sundaries Retail Shop at Hilton Hotel in Nairobi, Maya Duty Free shops at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport , Sapra Investments Limited and Green Gems Limited from Dr Nisha Rajendhra Kumar  who is the beneficiary, property valued at Ksh 700,000,000.
They are alleged to have committed the offense by falsely pretending that you were the bona fide administrators of the Estate of your late brother Yogaish  Madan Mohan Sapra.
Kuldip Madan Sapra is facing another charge of uttering a false document, namely S Form 38 (r.26(2)) consent to the making of a Grant of administration Intestate to person equal or Lesser priority to the Deputy Registrar of the  High Court Family Division Hon Mrs E Omibde.
The brother are said to have committed the offense on the 12th January 2011, at the Family Division Registry in the High Court of Kenya Milimani , in Nairobi  City knowingly and fraudulently.
They are further alleged to have jointly forged a court document namely, S Form 38 (r.26 (2)) consent to the making of a Grant of administration intestate to person equal or Lesser priority , in the matter of the estate of their late brother , purporting it to be genuine document signed by Dr Nisha Sapra.
The accused are alleged to have committed the offense on 23rd November 2010, at unknown place in the country with intent to deceive
Through lawyer Harun Ndubi, the two requested the court to defer plea taking on grounds that the charge sheet is defective adding that the matter is just a family feud.
Ndubi told the court that the complainant, who is the wife of their late brother is facing criminal charges for allegedly killing her husband in order to inherit his property.
Nairobi Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi directed the plea to be differed to tomorrow and granted the accused a cash bail of Sh. 200,000 or a bond of Sh 500,000.
The matter will be mentioned on 6th December.