US woman charged over illegal gun possession in Nairobi


A Kenyan woman living in the USA as been charged with illegally possessing a gun in Nairobi.

Florence Wamucii Kiama alias Florence Wamucii Pfeiffer is accused of being found in possession of a Beretta pistol without a firearm certificate.

Wamucii is alleged to have committed the offence on 7th August this year at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

The accused persons is also charged win being in possession of 106 rounds of 22 ammunition without a firearm certificate.

She denied the charges before Chief Magistrate Martha Mutuku.

Her lawyer told the court that the accused person has dual citizenship, American and Kenyan.

He further stated that she had the weapon was in a checked luggage all the way from Las Vegas and passes through three airports where she was cleared.

The accused person was, however, arrested at JKIA and taken to court under a miscellaneous application in which Anti-Terrorism Police sought to detain her for five days to complete investigations.

The court heard that she was not, however, charged with any terror related offences.

The court heard that ATPU suspected they would prefer charges under the prevention of terrorism act as a result of the said firearm.

However, Wamucii was not charged with any terror related offences.

The lawyer requested the court to give them a close hearing date since the accused works in the US.

The case will be mentioned on 27th August for pre-trial and fixing of a hearing date.