Who are the trustees of Late Bishop Ochola’s estate? Contest amidst court case


The family of the late Bishop James Ochola are now fighting over who are the trustees of his estate.

This comes as a result of a court battle over the sale of one his pieces of land in Buruburu that was allegedly sold to Landmerk company by the Bishop’s last born daughter.

Youths armed with blunt objected stormed the property in dispute which houses his church ‘Glad Tidings Crusade’ and a school two weeks ago and destroyed the property.

According to Ochola’s wife who is the chairperson of the board of trustees and his daughter Joan Ochola claim the the last born daughter Christine Ochola Opiko sold the land without consulting or informing them and other board members.

She accuses her daughter and her husband Edward Otieno Opiko of forging the her signature and those of other trustees in order to sell the land.

According to the Mrs, she is the one in charge of the board and nothing should be done without her being informed.

However, through lawyer Duncan Okatch, Christine and her husband argue that they are member of the trustees board whereas the other two are not.

The two claim that the sake was legal and followed the right procedure.

Okatch told the court that Joan had no right to swear the affidavit already before court and therefore be struck out.

The court heard that Joan does not properly state what she does neither does she state who advised her to swear an affidavit as per the required provisions of law.

However lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui acting on behalf of Nairobi County in the matter argued that the affidavit clearly stated things as per the constitution.

He further stated that no prejudice would be suffered by the defendant Applicants of Joan’s affidavit.

The case will be heard on 13th June.