Woman charged in Nairobi for making disabled child a beggar


A woman has been charged with cruelty and economically exploiting a child by making him beg in the streets.

Sarah Wambui Kuria is also accused of infringing the rights of a child.

The accused is charged with willfully and negligently engaging a 16 year old disabled minor in a hazardous work of begging for alms (money and food) which was harmful to his health.

Sarah is accused of committing the offence on 29th October along Kagundo road in Embakasi, Nairobi area.

The mother is further charged with willfully denying the said minor the right to education by refusing to take him to school.

The third count read that the accused, being a mother, caused the minor to be a child in need of care and protection by subjecting him to begging on the public road.

She denied the charges before Principal Magistrate Helen Okwani.

She was releases on a cash bail f Sh 500,000.