Woman convicted in Sh 30M Runda land case

Dorothy Wanjiru Ndungu alias Margaret Wangari Ngugi in court during sentencing. Photo Suek

A woman in the land sale business has been convicted over land fraud related charges.

Dorothy Wanjiru Ndung’u alias Margaret Wangari Ngugi  was found guilty of conspiracy to defraud Pauline Mwikali Kieleko Sh 30 million by falsely pretending that she was in a position to sell her plot a plot in Runda,  No. 77851/10/765 registered as IR 94701/1 in the names of Margaret Wangari Ngugi.

The accused was charged alongside Stephen Mbai Mwangagi who was acquitted for lack of sufficient evidence.

Chief Magistrate Martha Mutuku ruled that the prosecution had proven their case against Wanjiru.

Wanjiru was also found guilty of impersonating Margaret Wangari Ndung’u with intent to defraud.

However, the convict was acquitted of the charge of forging a certificate of title.

According to the Magistrate, no handwriting specimen was taken from the accused to prove she had committed the forgery.

In addition, Wanjiru was charged with obtaining a sum of Sh 4.5 million from Pauline Mwikali Kieleko pretending that she was in a position to sell to her the said land. 

However, the court ruled that the money was not deposited in Wanjiru’s account, rather it was deposited in a lawyer’s account.

In her mitigation, the convict said she was remorseful and asked the court to be lenient in sentencing since she had attended court diligently.

Wanjiru was fined a total of Sh 300,000 failure to which she will serve a two year  jail term.