14 years in jail for acquitted terror suspect for threatening witness


A man who was acquitted a few weeks ago of terror attack on two Thika road bound buses has been sentenced to serve 14 years in jail for threatening a witness.

Sar Guracha Haro was charged alongside his son Warque Dejene Sar with 10 counts of terror related charges in May 2014 but acquitted in August 2019.

Trial magistrate Francis Andayi acuitted the two after finding that the prosecution failed to prove that they were involved in the attack or are member of the Al-shabaab terror group.

However, the magistrate did find Haro guilty of threatening a witness.

He is said to have told a witness,” I will kill you if you testify against my son.”

The magistrate ruled that threatening a witness is a serious offence.

The trial magistrate noted that if people threaten witnesses and they fail to appear in court to testify then justice e will not be served.

“Laws will be broken and other people will then commit crimes with the comfort that no one will testify against them and ultimately injustice will prevail,” the magistrate ruled.

The court however directed that Haro will only serve 10 years since he has been in custody for four years after being denied bail.

The attack left 50 people injured. One of the explosives went off outside the Blue springs Hotel while the second one occurred at the Kasarani underpass.