19 year old charged with manslaughter after stabbing husband to death


A woman has been arraigned in court and charged with manslaughter after allegedly stabbing her husband to death.

Bridgit Kemuna Nambane was charged with killing her husband Edward Magwano at Reuben slums in Industrial area, Nairobi on 10th December 2017.
The 19year old is alleged to have stabbed the deceased with a kitchen knife after a quarrel.
She pleaded not guilty before Senior Principal Magistrate Martha Mutuku.
It is alleged that the deceased got home that day, demanded for food which he was given.
Deceased turns violent
The fight erupted after the husband who was allegedly drunk, demanded that the accused join him at the table to eat together but she was reluctant to come from the bed where she was attending to her child.
This prompted him to pull the her from the bed to the table and a quarrel erupted between them. He slapped her on the face.
 It is alleged that the husband then grabbed a knife and threatened to stab her.
She grabbed the knife and this resulted to a struggle between them. It was during that moment that the accused stabbed deceased on the chest near the armpit.
It is alleged that she had called on the neighbours for help but they feared entering the house.
Bridgit then called her husband’s brother who came and found the deceased on the floor bleeding heavily.
He took him to Shalom hospital but the victim died while undergoing treatment.
After the incidence, the accused remained in the house allegedly due to shock and never ran away.
It is said that the accused used to beat her up every time he went home drunk.
The accused was not charged with murder because according to the police, no malice was attributed to the offense.
The matter will be mentioned on 5th January.
The matter mentioned on 5th January.