206 out of 207 polling stations results used to announce Embakasi East MP winner, agent testifies


A jubilee agent has told court that 206 out 207 polling stations results were used to announce the winner in the Embakasi East Parliamentary seat election.

Chief agent Naftalie Wambugu also told the court that the returning officer announced the results in a hurry because he was under pressure and under duress from MP Paul Ogili alias Babu Owino.

While testifying before Justuce Joseph Sergon, Wambugu said that Babu Owino arrived at Soweto social hall in Embakasi East and his goons prevented him and other agents from entering the hall.

However when cross examined by the IEBC lawyer in the petition, the court heard that the results from the remaining polling station indicated that Babu still had more votes than the petitioner Francis Muriithi.

“I do not agree with results indicated by IEBC in the forms because some of them do not have official signatures and stamps.

The agent told the court that the reason why he failed to sign some of the forms was because MP Babu Owino’s people people would not let them in.
“Jubilee lawyer and several of my agents saw Babu’s people deny me entry in to the center,” Wambugu added.

When cross examined by Babu’s lawyer Jackson Awele, the witness said that he did not know the people the names of the people preventing him from entering the center.

“I do not know those people, only Babu can tell us the names of those boys,” Wambugu said.

Wambugu told the court that he did report the incidence to the Returning Officer yet nothing was done.

He accused the MP of colluding with some IEBC officials and the police at Soweto hall to cause disruption.

He went ahead to testify that the winner of the election was announced on 10th August yet some of the Forms appeared to have been signed on later dates such as 15th and 18th August.

Today marked the end of the petitioner’s case. The respondents witnesses are to begin on 19th December.

In the petition, Jubilee Candidate Francis Muriithi wants the court to order recount of votes for Embakasi East parliamentary seat.

Muriithi claims that the election was not free and fair as it was marred by massive irregularities among them bribery and violence.