Election in Kitui was marred by irregularities, former Governor Malombe testifies

Former Kitui Governor Julius Malombe has told the court that the court that the August 8 elections were not free, fair and credible and was marred with violence.
While giving his testimony before Justice Pauline Nyamweya, Malombe accused Governor Charity Ngilu of bribing voters to influence her win, claims that were dismissed by Ngilu’s lawyer Kioko Kilukumi.
The former governor told the court that some of his agents were chased away from polling stations but when asked if he witnessed any violence or intimidation he said no.
Lead in his examination in chief by his lawyer Apollo Muinde, Malobe said that some of the votes counted in favor of Governor Ngilu were never casted.
“There were votes staffing during the August 8 elections but my agents will appear before the court to give testimony,” said Malombe.
He added that after casting his vote he went round to some of the polling stations and the voter turnout was high.
However, Malombe told the court that some of the voters never voted because the BVR system showed that they had already voted when actually they had not.
“When some women went to vote they were told that they already voted and were not able to vote again,” said Malombe.
He told the court that the voter turnout was 73 percent which was a huge turnout.
Malombe added that most of the polling stations were marred with irregularities and his agent did not attest to what was happening because they were not allowed to access the stations.
In the petition currently being heard in a Nairobi High Court, the petitioner avers that the election in Kitui was marred by massive irregularities.
He says that there was violence and intimidation of voters during the exercise.
Governor Ngilu has been named as the first respondent while IEBC is the second respondent in the petition