Activist Omtatah wants court to quash recruitment of National Assembly cerk

Activist Okiya Omtatah. Photo/courtesy

Activist Okiya Omtatah has moved to court seeking to quash the ongoing recruitment for the position of the clerk of the National Assembly for the next parliament.

Omtatah wants PSC and the National Assembly of the 12th Parliament stopped from appointing the clerk of the 13th Parliament.

Omtatah further wants the court to declare that the National Assembly and PSC of one Parliament cannot recruitment a clerk of next National Assembly or the next Parliament.

In addition, Omtatah wants the court to restrain the Parliament and PAC of the 13th Parliament and anyone acting under their direction and control from giving effects to the impugned recruitment process for the position of the clerk of the Assembly.

He also wants the court to declare that the PSC’s failure in its obligation under the law to be transparent, accountable and to provide public participation in the impugned recruitment process for the clerk of the Assembly of the 13th Parliament is fatal to the recruitment process.

“The move violates article 128 clause 1 of the constitution and continues to be threatened to the extent that the exiting National Assembly and the outgoing PSC of the 12th Parliament are recruiting the clerk of the next Parliament.

Omtatah claims that the opaque manner of recruitment violates both the constitution and national legislation.

In addition, failure to provide for transparency, accountability and public participation in the recruitment process violates article 10, 47 (1) and 232 of the constitution.

“If the petition is not immediately ventilated and necessary orders made, the damage or harm would be of an immediate, incalculable and irreversible nature,”Omtatah swears in his affidavit.