Advocate files case seeking to stop payment of MPS salaries for work not done

advocate files case seekino to stop payment of MPS salaries for work not done

An advocate of the high court has moved to court seeking orders to stop payment to MPs for work not done for the period they shall have left office and ceased offering any parliamentary services.

In a petition addressed to the Hon Judge of the high court of Kenya, Dismas Wambola states that if the unlawful and unconstitutional demands by the MPS are met it will set a very dangerous precedent with far-reaching devastating effects in the economy of this country.

Wambola in his application says payments made to MPS for no work done shall violate the principal that remuneration should be equal to or commensurate with the value of the work done.

He says there is information in the public domain that the MPS and senators have piled pressure on the government and demanded that they be paid salaries and allowance covering the period after the expiry of their term in parliament.

The legislators want the pay included in the supplementary budget that will be tabled in parliament in the next few weeks else they shoot down the 2017/2018 budget if the payments are not made to them.

Wambola says constitutionally there is no basis for the financial demands being made by the legislators and do not represent the sovereign will of the people of Kenya.

Legislators term in office ends on 8th of August 2017 as provided for by the constitution but they want their salaries and allowances paid till March of the following year.

Respondents in the matter are cabinet secretary treasury, parliament service commission, salaries and remuneration commission, the attorney general, national assembly and the senate.

Legislators are demanding to be paid salaries and allowances until March 2018 which is about 8months after their term shall have ended. They want the payments of monies running into billions of shillings made in the next few days.