Anglo-leasing; tender process was undertaken by OOP, Kenya Police have no original documents

Anglo-leasing scandal suspects. Photo/file

Two witnesses have testified that the documents related to the multibillion Anglo-Leasing tender were handled by the Office of the President.

Levin Kyunde Mwandi, a former police officer told trial magistrate Martha Mutuku that the Kenya Police does not have any original documents in relation to the said tender.

”In regard to the request for documents on Kenya E-Cops security, Law and Order system for Kenya Police by Ethics and Anti-Corruption commission, I wish to state that the entire process was undertaken by the Office of the President,” Mwandi testified.

Another witness, Philip Langat, Principal Records Management officer in the office the President told the court that the office of the PS Provincial Administration and National Security received several letters from the defunct Kenya Anti-corruption (KACC) requesting various documents related to the security projects that had been handled by the office of the President.

This related to suppliers’ Financing agreement between Infotalent Limited and the Government of Kenya.

“Such letters were considered secret and were therefore dealt with by the PS. Occasionally, KACC would come for the originals and with permission from PS, I would give them out,” said Langat.


In the case, a businessman connected to Anglo Leasing Finance, Deepak Kamani, his brother Rashmi, their father Chamanlal Kamani and Infotalent Limited are charged with fraudulent acquisition of 3,500,266 Euros.

Their father was however exempted from attending the proceedings since he is unwell.

Former Internal Security PS Dave Mwangi, former Finance minister David Mwiraria (late), Joseph Magari and former debt administrator David Onyonka are charged with are charged with engaging in a project without prior planning and abuse of office.

The Kamanis are allegedly linked to companies that were awarded 13 out of 18 Anglo Leasing security contracts.

They have severally been to the higher courts seeking to block arrest and prosecution.

The prosecution has six witnesses remaining.

Mention 15th January 2019.