Wife of the President of Safari Park Hotel and Casino testifies in SH 150M theft at DTB


The wife of the President of Safari Park Hotel and Casino has given her testimony in regard to the theft of Sh 150 million that she had allegedly deposited at Diamond Trust Bank.

Sun Pil Lim testified against Lee Jong Chan and Joseph Kihara Muraya who are charged with stealing the monies from the Bank’s Thika Road Mall branch.

Lim had joined hands with the Chan, two others and decided to open a pharmaceutical company by the name Daehan Pharmaceutical Limited.

In mid-2015 She allegedly deposited Sh 150 million in a fixed deposit account which was to grow an interest rate of 16 percent and mature on 23rd October 2016.

Lim informed trial magistrate Martha Mutuku that she was a major shareholder and it was her husband, Young K Roh who opened the account at DTB.

She refuted claims that she was in Korea during this period and could therefore not be one who signed the bank documents.

“I signed the documents before leaving for Korea,” she testified.

Paramount Bank

Lim testified that the monies deposited at DTB came from a Paramount Bank account that she jointly owns with her husband Roh.

She refuted claims that it was her husband who had signed the documents for her and even the Memorandum and article of association for Daehan.

The court further heard that the purpose of her husband investing in Daehan was to continue staying in Kenya doing business after his term ends.

Lim told the court that she has been married to Roh for 40 years and has faith in him.


Lim alleges that the millions were siphoned from the account without her knowledge nor approval.

Jang Jongmin and Jolly Jeminah Lanji Ouko are the other shareholders of Daehan.

after the deposits, DTB issued three certificates of deposits for the cash, which had been deposited in tranches of Sh 40 million and two others of Sh 30 million each.

It is alleged that Lim also opened another account in her name where she was the sole signatory and deposited 50 million in a fixed deposit account.

Chan allegedly confessed to Lim’s husband that he conspired with the bank manager to withdraw the monies in Daehan account and Lim’s personal account.