Another suspect in murder of Embu priest to record confession


A Nairobi court has directed the second suspect in the murder of the Embu priest to record an official confession statement.

This is after the suspect, Solomon Mutava started narrating the events that lead to the death of father Michael Maingi Kyengo when given an opportunity to respond to a miscellaneous application by police seeking to detain him for 8 days to allow them to complete investigation.

Mutava who was arrested on 17th October by officer from the special crimes prevention unit was produced in court where police were given custodial orders but now need additional days to complete investigations.

The suspect told Principal Magistrate Helen Onkwani how the priest was taken to the house they were in and by his friend while tied.

Later his friend, Michael Muthini Mutunga who is in custody told took the priest from the house naked and told him to get in the boot of a car.

“He also told me to get in the front,” added the suspect.

He added that when he asked where they were going and was told to the river.

“I don’t know the place well. We first stopped at a place where there were no buildings then proceeded to the bridge,” Mutava narrated.

He went to the corner of the river and after like five minutes he stopped and took out a spade and a panga, went back to the back and took the priest from the boot.

“He told him to get out. The priest told him not to kill him,” he said.

Mutunga then told him to hold the rope and tie the priest’s feet and hands together and and lead the walk while he followed behind them.

He then told them to stop. He told the priest he wanted to ask him some questions and wanted answers quickly.

He asked him to put a bank account in his phone and transfer money.

Mutava said that he did not know who the money was sent to or how much it was.

At this point the magistrate interrupted and asked the investigating officer whether the accused had agreed to make an official confession since what he was saying sounded as if it was a confession.

The investigating officer told the court that the suspect had not but had agreed to do so.

This is when the magistrate directed he makes an official confession according to the guidelines.

She directed the matter to be mentioned on 6th November.