Another suspect in Sh 8M gloves theft at St John Ambulance charged


The second suspect in the theft if Sh 8 million worth of gloves from St John Ambulance has been charged.

Ezekiel Mwaura Mwangi is accused of conspiring with another already before court to obtain latex examination gloves valued at Sh 8 million, the property of St John Ambulance by pretending that they were procurement officers from AMREF Health Africa.

Mwangi is alleged to have committed the offence on diverse dates between 4th and 8th February 2022 at an unknown place.

The accused is also charged with obtaining 13,000 packets of gloves valued at Sh 10,400,000 from St John with intent to defraud.

The court heard that the accused pretended that he was in a position to pay for for the said gloved.

Additionally, Mwangi is charged with making several documents without authority.

The court heard that he unlawfully made two local purchase orders purporting them to be genuine LPOs from AIC Kijabe Hospital.

Mwangi is further charged with unlawfully making two LPOs purporting it to be genuine from AMREF Health Africa.

The accused person denied the charges before Chief Magistrate Wendy Micheni.

Lenient cash bail

He pleaded with the court to grant him lenient cash bail of grounds that he does not have a stable source of income.

I sell sacks at Marikiti market,” Mwangi told the court.

He also told the court that he has been collaborating with the investigating officer to bring perpetrators of the offence to book.

The prosecution said that they intend to consolidate the matter with another already before court.

The court heard that the other accused person was granted a bond of Sh 3 million with alternative cash bail of Sh 2 million.

However, Mwangi was granted a bond of Sh 3 million and one surety of a similar amount with alternative cash bail of Sh 1 million. He is also required to provide two contact persons.

The matter will be mention on 21st March 2022 for pretrial and consolidation.