Cameroonian National Docta Longa moves to high court challenging deportation

A Cameroonian national has moved to the high court challenging government orders that he be deported to his country.
Docta Longa, who faces a criminal case before a Nairobi court also wants orders compelling the government to release him from custody unconditionally as he has been illegally and unlawfully detained for one month now.
He argues that he is being discriminated against for being a Cameronian, contrary to his expectations as provided under the Kenyan constitution.
“I had the legitimate expectation that I would be protected by the law and have full benefit of the law while in Kenya and not discriminated against,” Longa argues.
According to him, there are conservatory orders from the High court restraining the the authorities from removing or deporting him from Kenya.
The Cameroonian says that there is continued infringement of his fundamental rights and freedoms as he has continuously been kept under police custody.
“There is continued disobedience of the court orders by the respondents particularly the DCI George Kinoti and County Criminal Investigations Officer Nicholas Kamwende  who have continued to detain him at their pleasure despite there being orders restraining them from doing so,“ reads court documents.
In addition he claims that he was not allowed the slightest chance to arrange for the management of his company, its assets or other properties and or relations.
Longa also wants the respondents prohibited from arresting or compromising his liberty.