Chinese nationals charged over possession of wildlife trophy among other counts


Three Chinese nationals busted with game meat and ivory have been charged in Nairobi with several counts of offences.

Shang Li Yun, Xing Wei (Yun’s son) and Zang Jie were charged with being in possession of a wildlife trophy to wit one rhino horn weighing 0.94 KGs valued at Sh 1.8 and one leopard skin valued as Sh 500,000 without permit.

They are alleged to have committed the offense on 9th January 2019 in Yun’s apartment at Kilimani area, Nairobi.

The three are also accused of being in possession of two polished elephant ivories, two human statute sculptured ivories, two lion sculptured ivories, seven ivory necklaces and five assorted ivory bangles all weighing 5KGs valued at Sh 5 million without permit.

According to the police, the Chinese were also accused of keeping a live tortoise.

Yun further faced a charge of engaging in business for profit without a work permit. She is accused of running Duo Xiangju Kenya Limited Supermarket at Royal Square along Ngong road in Nairobi.

Jie was also charged with being unlawfully present in Kenya in that he did not have a valid entry document and engaging in business without a work permit at the said Supermarket.

The three denied the charges before Principal Magistrate Kenneth Cheruiyot.

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The prosecution objected their release on grounds that they are foreigners and are at the risk of absconding.

The court heard that releasing them on bail puts Kenya’s wildlife in danger.

However, their lawyer responded saying that nothing was tabled before court to show that his clients were conducting illegal businesses.

The court further heard that Yun and Jie have also applied to have their work permits renewed.

The court will deliver ruling on bail tomorrow.