I have never filed a divorce case against my wife Mercy Kaimenyi, Senator Linturi tells court


Meru Senator Franklin Mithika Linturi has maintained that he has never filed for a divorce against his wife Mercy Kaimenyi in a case filed by former Chief of staff at DP William Ruto’s office Marianne Kitany.

Linturi, through his lawyer Muthomi Thiankolu he says that he is a monogamous and has been married to Kaimenyi since April 2000.

He refuted claims that he is he is Kitany’s husband under customary marriage.

He produced a letter from a catholic priest in Tigania who allegedly solemnized the relationship in 2000.

However, he only obtained his marriage certificate on 28th December 2018.

The Senator refuted claims by Kitany that he had divorced his wife several years after the marriage.


Linturi accused Kitany of forging the alleged divorce application between Kaimenyi and himself.

“The alleged divorce application is between different parties as confirmed by the registrar,” Muthomi submitted.

He told the court that they wrote a letter to the registrar to confirm the existence of the alleged divorce application who confirmed that the matter in the said file involves Elizabeth Ann Hennessy versus Parrie Andrew Hennessy.

Kitany’s lawyer Dunstan Omari told the court that the issue before court was not a divorce case and therefore was not to be dealt with in the proceedings before court.

He told Justice Orenge that a woman, regardless of her status but in a living relationship can seek legal redress against her partner in a violent relationship.

“The applicant has faced the gravest of an injustice occasioned by a person so dear, caring and loving only to turn into her greatest tormentor,” Omari submitted.

He submitted that the court has duty to protect women regardless of whether they are prostitutes, slayqueens or whatever term used to define women.

Pending cases

The two have filed several cases against each other. Linturi has filed a case on the matter in Meru, Kitany has filed divorce proceedings at the Family Division of the High Court in Nairobi, a property dispute involving two companies Atticon Limited and Baron Estates Ltd and a case before this case magistrate seeking the court’s protection after she was kicked out of the Runda home.

Earlier court had allowed Kitany back to the Runda home, pending the hearing of the case.

Omari had subitted that they agreed to buy Mae Ridge Country Villa in 2015 and that she took part in the construction of the home and another in Meru.

He said that it was Linturi who persuaded her not to look for another job after the government dismissed her and that they agreed that she become the manager in charge of their family businesses in several companies.