Christian Forum files notice of appeal of decision to allow gays and lesbians register umbrella body


Kenya Christian Professional Forum has filed a notice of appeal to challenge the Court of Appeal decision that allowed Gays and Lesbian to register their own umbrella association.

The judgment which was delivered by a five-judge bench was as a result of a High Court decision that favoured the LGBT.

Through lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui the forum says it was dissatisfied with the entire decision by the bench and therefore intends to take it to the top court.

The judgment was delivered by Justices Philip Waki, Martha Koome, Asike Makhandia, Daniel Musinga and Roselyn Nambuye on 22nd March 2019.

The court of appeal held that human beings should not be denied their fundamental rights because if his they choose to live their lives.

Justice Waki ruled that LGBT has a right to freedom of association and that the criminal procedure does not criminalize those that want to form such groups.

However, Justice Musinga and Nambuye ruled that such a case had the capacity of destroying the cultural values of Kenyans and should not be allowed.