Co-op bank officials risk jail term over contempt of court


Some Co-operative Bank managers risk being jailed for disobedience of court orders issued on 30th December 2021 in regards to the administration of  an estate of a deceased person.

George Ndegwa who is the appointed administrator of Ad ColliGenda Bona (“the Grant”) wants Co-operative Bank Jeremiah Nyalala (A. S. O) and Service Manager Elizabeth Karinga based at Stima Plaza branch be jailed for six months or fined Sh 200,000 each for abuse of court.

“I urged the court to punish the two officials to prevent further abuse of the court process by citing them for contempt,” Ndegwa submitted.

Through lawyer Mwangi Mburu, Ndegwa says the two bank officials deliberately disobeyed court orders issued on 30th December last year after being served with the letters of administration of Ad ColliGenda Bona and notified to comply. 

“The disobedience of grant has greatly and continues to prejudice the estate of the deceased to the extent that the estate’s property has been seized pursuant to a distress of rent,” Ndegwa added.

According to him, the estate may be imminently auctioned.

Karinga is accused of undermining the court order upon reading it by saying she would not obey nor comply with the terms of the grant and the said court order. 

“On the morning of 3rd December 2021, I visited Co-operative Bank Stima Plaza branch and presented the copy of the grant to Elizabeth Karinga (service manager) and upon reading the grant, she immediately made remarks on my copy and further told me she cannot comply with terms of the Grant,”  states the administrator.

Ndegwa wants the two to be ordered to appear in court in person at the earliest time possible within seven days adding that the estate has and continues to accrue huge financial losses as a result of the officials’  actions.