Court declines to stop Pimp my Ride EA demolition


A Nairobi court has declined to issue restraining orders to Nairobi County Government for demolition of Pimp My Ride East Africa.

The owner of the company, businessman Patrick Nderitu moved to court seeking orders to stop the county government from demolishing and interfering with the tenant occupation of the premises and development erected on the property along Kenyatta Avenue/Muindi Mbingu street, formerly known as Simmers.

The businessman together with his company, Pimp my Ride EA are seeking orders to restrain the county from harassing/threatening or intimidating his employees who are on said property.

According to Nderitu, the County Government served them with a seven days enforcement notice on 2nd July which indicated that they were carrying out illegal construction on property No.209/908 Kenyatta Avenue/Muindi Mbingu street.

The applicant argues that said company is in lawful possession of the property on the strength of a lease agreement between itself and the landlord registered.

He also wants the county government restrained from demolishing the said property and issue orders to the OCS central police station to ensure compliance with the said orders.

Nderitu says that he applied and was granted all necessary permits from Nairobi county before construction of the property and as such the impending action by the county government are not only illegal but completely unwarranted.

He says he is apprehensive that the county government will enter into the property on July 9 and demolish the ongoing development.

The court certified the application urgent and directed them to serve and appear for hearing tomorrow.