Court suspends KMPDU officials sentencing for another seven days.


Court has again suspended the doctors official’s sentencing for the third time in a row for seven days.

While delivering her ruling, Justice Hellen Wasilwa directed COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli to lead negotiations to bring an end to doctors’ strike after Atwoli appeared in court and requested for the seven days period for further negotiations.

The court directed COTU, KNCHR and other parties to lead talks with a view of ending the doctor’s strike.

“The intervention that I’m seeing today, is a very welcoming intervention, I believe there could be other intervention that could really solve this problem which interventions have not yet come and therefore I will still exercise my discretion and give this intervention a chance, ” Justice Wasilwa ruled.

The Judge also asked the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labor, Salaries and Remuneration Commission, Federation of Kenya Employers, Council Of governors, KMPDU union and  Attorney General to be part of the talks.

“This meeting must be held as yesterday, ” Wasilwa directed

The parties have been given seven days to reach a deal with Atwoli expected to chair the meeting.

The case will be mentioned on the 13th of February.

However, the judge told the parties not to take the court for granted because as by 13 of February if there’s no solution, the court will make its statement.

Presiding judge Hellen Wasilwa further suspended the one month sentence for seven days and urged COTU secretary general Francis Atwoli to convene a meeting in a bid to resolve the ongoing strike by the doctors.

KNCHR and COTU urged the court to admit them as friends of the court so as to offer mediation on behalf of the Mwananchi.

The doctors have however maintained that they will not go back to work until the CBA 2013 is implemented.

This is the third time the sentencing is being postponed since the ruling was made in December last year after the doctors were found guilty of disobeying a court order to suspend the strike.