Majority leader Francis Mutuku ordered the shooting at the Makueni meeting, Governor kibwana tells court

Mutuku ordered the shooting

Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana today took the witness stand at Makueni law courts to testify in a shooting case where six people were injured during a political meeting in Makueni more than two years ago.

Appearing before the Senior Resident Magistrate Carilus Nyawir at Makueni law courts, Governor Kibwana told the court that he had gone to the assembly following an invitation published in local dailies inviting all county leaders to a meeting.

He further told the court that he heard the assembly majority leader shout in Kamba dialect that ‘that small man is here, shoot him’, before gun shots reigned the air.

Governor Kivutha Kibwana went ahead to say that Assembly Majority Leader Francis Mutuku ordered the shooting.

He added that he saw two of the accused persons Muthoka Ndunda and Francis Daido, the guards of Speaker Stephen Ngelu and Mr Mutuku respectively open fire on his entourage at the Assembly’s gate.

Governor Kibwana further said told the court that local politicians were opposed to his joining the meeting because it was meant to deliberate on his impeachment.

He also exonerated the bodyguards of the senator and that of Kaiti MP saying that he did not see them shoot at his entourage but wondered why the bodyguard to Kibwezi West MP Patrick Musimba was not among the accused.

Kibwana has always painted the gun drama as a plan that had been hatched to eliminate him by his political detractors keen on taking power through the back door.

Four Administration police officers were arraigned in court for shooting and wounding the six.

The hearing of the case will continues on 29th may 2017.

The six were injured during a confrontation between elected leaders gathered at the assembly ground and a group led by governor kuvutha kibwana at Makueni County Assembly on 23rd September 2014.

The shots were fired when a group of when a group of mob stormed the venue where the leaders were allegedly meeting for prayers. From there the leaders had planned to attend a public rally where they were to hit out the governor over alleged corruption

Those injured in the shoot out include governor Kibwana’s bodyguard William Kinoti, county chief of staff Douglas Mbilu, county assembly sergeant at arm Bryan Mutua , former councillor Francis Musyoka and pastor Festus Nyamai and were taken to Makueni General Hospital.