woman sues deputy president William Ruto over child neglect

woman sues deputy president

A woman has moved to court seeking orders to compel Deputy President Willian Ruto to provide maintenance for a daughter she claims to have had with him 10 years ago in Eldoret.

In an application filed under certificate of urgency at the children’s court in Nairobi, Prisca Bett, the mother of the child claims that William Ruto has totally neglected his parental obligations to the minor as required by the constitution.

Bett says Ruto has refused to provide their 10 years old daughter with adequate basic necessities such as good health, food, school fees, decent clothing shelter and medication.

Through her lawyer Gitobu Imanyara, Bett claims that the minor is in dire need of basic needs and wants the court to certify the application urgent in order to save the minor from irreparable healthy growth and educational development.

She also wants Ruto to provide her with over 145,000 shillings a month besides paying school fees in a school that reflects the status of the defendant.

Bett alleges to have gotten into a relationship with Ruto when he was the Member of Parliament for Eldoret North Constituency while she studied at Moi University Eldoret in 2005.

On 6th March 2006, she says they were blessed with the baby girl.

However, Bett says Ruto has neglected the girl ever since he became the deputy president of the republic of Kenya in 2012.