DCI accuses DPP of forging signatures of his officers in terrorism workshop in Naivasha

DCI Boss George Kinoti. Photo/Courtesy

The Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti has told court that the signatures of his officers who purportedly attended the new terrorism guidelines workshop in Naivasha were forged.

In a further affidavit sworn by Anti-Terror Police Unit Senior Superintendent Martin Otieno, the DCI boss said that there is no known institution under the Kenyan Law that is legally empowered to tackle offences related to terrorism and financing of terrorism other than DCI. 

Kinoti wants the guidelines by DPP Noordin Haji expunged on grounds that it shall have unwarranted implications on security organs in the nation.

“Terrorism is an emotive issue and has a cross cutting effect on other offences and the same cannot be regulated by such guidelines,” Kinoti added.

The DCI claims that the officers’ signatures on the attendance list provided by the DPP were forged since they (officers) missed some sessions but were signed in as present at all times. 

Further, the court was told that the DCI even confirmed the hotel bookings the Hotel where the terrorism guidelines workshop was taking place did not accommodate the officers since they were on duty elsewhere.

The officers, Chief Inspector Joseph Kipchumba and Chief Inspector Stephen Ngereso Khamisi of the ATPU are indicated to have been present in all forums as per the attendance list.

“……..Holistic scrutiny of the attendance list from page 51 to 96 have noted discrepancies therein whilst capturing 100% attendance rate from all the participants involved in the entire exercise,” Kinoti adds.

The formulation and final draft validation exercise in respect to the impugned guidelines was undisputedly undertaken on varied dates from January to March 2022.

The DCI avers that Kipchuma did not attend the sessions on 17th January, 14th and 18th March 2022 as he had been recalled back to his station to attend other pressing matters.

He also did not attend some of the evening sessions on 21st and 31st January, 3rd February and 30th March 2022.

Kinoti said that he received the invitation letter from the DPP on 13th January 2022 but he declined to attend since he had not been consulted beforehand on such a serious issue.

After declining, the DCI accuses the DPP of using unsanctioned means in the endorsement of the invitation letter thus the attendance of the ATPU.

Kinoti avers that his officers were outnumbered as they were two against 12 from the office of the DPP.