Galot companies war, three charged with perjury

Rajeev Modi, Pushpinder Singh Mann and Jophece Yego at Milimani Law Courts. Photo/Irene Anyango
Three Galot Industries employees have been charged with perjury.
Rajeev Modi, Pushpinder Singh Mann, Jophece Yogo were first charged in 2018.
Modi is charged with making an oath in an affidavit dated 2nd March 2018 sworn before Alice Jonathan Gulenywa, a commissioner for oaths and subsequently filed in the Chief Magistrate’s court at Nairobi (city court 1) in a criminal case, giving false testimony that he was a director of Galot Industries Limited, Manchester Outfitters Lmited and King Woolen Mills Limited knowing the same to be false.
Modi is alleged to have committed the offence 2nd March 2018 at St George’s house along Parliament Road in Nairobi.
He was also charged with false swearing. Modi is accused of swearing the said affidavit inĀ  an attempt to have the criminal case withdrawn by purporting to be a director of the said companies.
In another charge, Modi, Mann and Togo are charged with perjury on 2nd February 2018.
The court heard that on 2nd February 2018 at LDK house along Dunga Road in Nairobi, the trio commenced a meeting purportedly as directors and company secretary respectively and nominated Modi so as to aid him to swear an affidavit for purposes of withdrawing a criminal case which was currently before the Chief Magistrates Court at Nairobi, a fact they knew to be false.
The trio denied the charges before Chief Magistrate Wendy Kagendo.

Lenient Bail

Their lawyer Kiraithe Wandugi told the court to give the three lenient cash bail since they have been attending court without fail for the last three years.
He added that there is a commercial dispute involving the said companies.
“There is along commercial dispute among the people in the charge sheet,” Wandugi said.
Wandugi also requested to be supplied with a copy of OB 54/10/12/2018 together with copy of investigations diary.
In addition, the lawyer told the court to have the file declared a safe file because documents were disappearing from it.
“As we were moving on in court two, we noticed documents were disappearing from the court file, therefore we pray the file be kept as a safe file,” Wandugi added.
They were each released on a cash bail of Sh 200,000. In addition, they are to provide one contact person each.
The magistrate directed the matter to be mentioned on 9th June 2022.
She also ordered the prosecution to supply the defense with the a copy of the OB and the investigation diary.