EACC wants Governor Obado’s Sh 73 million assets frozen


The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commision has told court that it wants assets belonging to Migori County Governor Okoth Obado worth Sh 73.4 million seized after receiving critical evidence against him.

According to court documents, EACC said it has received critical evidence that Obado colluded and devised a scheme to misappropriate and embezzle public funds of the County Government of Migori.

“EACC has received credible information that a few persons, well known to be proxies of Obado, his four children Achola, Susan Scarlet Okoth, Jerry Zachary Okoth and Adhiambo Evelyn Okoth and 13 firms registered several companies for the sole purpose of procuring high value contracts from the County Government of Migori and acquisition of public funds through fictitious or irregular contracts secured uncompetitively through circumvention of the Public Procurement and Disposal Act, 2005 as amended in 2015 and the Regulations made thereunder,” said the commission. 

Investigations have also established that 1st Defendant (Obado), in abuse of his position of trust and in conflict of interest of his position as Governor, amassed assets valued at Sh 73,474,376 procured with proceeds of contracts with the County Government which were fictitious or otherwise procured irregularly or in circumstances of conflict of interest.

“Following the said acts,Governor Obado benefitted from these contracts through monies wired to his children for their school fees and upkeep in Universities,” said EACC. This money is alleged to have been wired by major suppliers said to be the governors’ proxies.

According to EACC, a sum of Sh 38,949,376.90 was wired to Obado’s three children Achola, Susan Scarlet Okoth and Jerry Zachary Okoth for their university tuition fees and upkeep, and a portion of it used to purchase two luxury motor vehicles Land Cruiser V8 Reg. No. KCK 997W and Land Cruiser V8 Reg. No. KCK 722B registered in the names of three children, thirteen the firms and Oliver Okeno Odhiambo respectively.

Further, the agency say that it has traced the Sh 77 million which are alleged to be proceeds of crime to the governor from the County Government of Migori through 13 firms namly Misoft  limited, Dankey press Limited, Atinus Services limited, Tarchdog printers limited, Mactebac Contractors, Selectrack consultants, Joyush Business limited, Swyfcon Engineering, Dolphus Software limited, Kajulu Business limited, Pesulus suppliers limited and Victorious investment limited.

An amount of Sh 34,525,000 traced to Kenya Power Pension Fund for the purchase of a property known as Loresho Ridge House No. C1 on L.R. No.21080/38 (Title No. I.R. 74363). The lease agreement is between the

Pension Fund and the 6 th Defendant( Jared Peter Odoyo Oluoch kwaga  but the rental income is payable to and/or collected by 2nd Defendant (Obado’s daughter  Adhiambo Evelyn Okoth),” says EACC.

“The transactions showed huge cash withdrawals and several wire transfers from the respective bank accounts to the 6th defendant (Jared Oluoch Kwaga, a supplier to the county)  for onward transmission to the Obado’s indirectly through his children and for purchase of properties,” adds EACC.

These firms are owned by the Kwaga’s family and are said to have received over Sh 2 billion from the Migori county government.