Global Apparels Director charged with conspiracy heirs millions of shillings worth of shares


Global Apparels Kenya (EPZ) Limited director Shahdadpuri Ghanshyam Choithram has been charged with conspiracy to defraud two heirs shares worth hundreds of million of shillings.

Choithram denied the charges before Senior Resident Magistrate Bernard Ochoi and was remanded in custody pending bail ruling on 21st May 2021.

Choithram is charged alongside the company’s external advocate Philomen Morara Apiemi, with conspiracy to defraud heirs of Suresh Lakhian and Narain Choithram (both deceased) of 250,000 shares valued at Sh 100 million by forging and uttering share transfer documents to his benefit.

Lawyer Morara pleaded not guilty to the charges on 29th April.

Morara and Choithram are accused that on the diverse dates from 16th October 2016 and 13th June 2018 while purporting to be director and external lawyer for Global Apparel Kenya (EPZ) limited, they jointly conspired to defraud heirs of Suresh Lakhian and Narain Choithram of 250,000 ordinary shares valued Sh 25 million and 750,000 preferential shares valued of Sh 75 million.

It is alleged that they committed the offence with others not before court in an unknown place in the country by falsifying Global Apparel Kenya limited resolution transfer deeds and statutory declarations to the benefit of Choithram, a fact they knew was false.

Choithram is also charged with stealing 125,000 ordinary shares valued Sh 12.5 million and also stealing preferential shares 750,000 valued Sh 75, 00.000 the property of the Lakhiani (deceased).

Prosecution told the court that Choithram is facing several charges of stealing shares belonging to the deceased family.

The two are also accused that on 12th July 2018 at the registrar of companies within Nairobi jointly knowingly and fraudulently uttered a forged Global Apparel Kenya (EPZ) limited written resolution, statutory declaration all dated 24th October 2017 and transfer deed dated 5th December 2016 to the registrar of companies purporting it to be genuine document.

The accused persons are also charged with making a statutory declaration dated 14th October with intent to defraud without lawful authority purporting it to be a genuine statutory declaration sworn by Suresh Lakhian.