Fake doctor Mugo wa Wairimu gets 29 years in jail

Mugo wa Wairimu in court at a past date.Photo/Courtesy

Fake doctor James Mugo Ndichu alias wa Wairimu has been sentenced to 29 years and six months in prison for running an illegal clinic and sedating female patients to rape them.

Chief Magistrate Wendy Kagendo sentenced Mugo to 25 years for the sedating, six months on two counts and 1 year each on the other seven counts of offences.

The Magistrate went ahead to subtract the three years Mugo has been in custody from the 25 years.

She ordered that the sentences run consecutively to each other.

While sentencing Mugo, the Magistrate said that Mugo is a danger to society and ought to be kept away for a long time. 

The Magistrate added that Mugo abused the knowledge he acquired in medicine.

“He abused the knowledge he acquired on medical and health science to harm helpless women,” she added.

In mitigation, The fake doctor said he was remorseful and regretted that what he started as a noble ambition got him where he is today.

The Magistrate said that the prosecution had proved their case beyond reasonable doubt.

The accused is still serving 11 years in jail for running an illegal clinic.

Mugo was facing rape charges and also employing unqualified people in his clinic in Githurai 44.