Famous Pangani cop fails to plead to murder charges

High Court advocate Danstan Omari. PHOTO/Suek

Popular Pangani police officer Rashid Ahmed has failed to plead to murder charges over the death of two suspected robbers.

This after the court was informed that Rashid had not been served with the summons to appear in court.

Through his lawyers, the court heard that the DPP and IPOA had not served the officer commanding Pangani police station in order for him to inform Rashid to appear in court.

The court had directed Rashid to be served with summons so that he can plead to the charges.

It is alleged that a few weeks ago, the DPP and IPOA had approached the court seeking to obtain an arrest warrant against him.

“They knew he had not appeared because he had not been served so that they could justify the previous arrest warrant,” his lawyer Mogaka Omaiyo told the media outside court.


Rashid is accused of killing two men in Eastleigh, Nairobi.

However, Rashid claims that the two were part of a gang carrying out a robbery at a shop in Eastleigh.

According to his affidavit, the deceased persons were shot after exchanging fire with the police during a robbery at Amal Plaza in Eastleigh.

He added that he and his colleagues had been trailing the two robbers who had allegedly robbed other known persons.

Rashid claims that they recovered a homemade gun capable of firing, a Somali sword and knives which had been used in the robbery.