Narok police officer accused of defiling minor in custody

Narok police station officer Anthony Nanyokie who is accused of defiling a minor in custody. PHOTO/Sam Alfan

Narok police station officers have moved to court seeking to detain one of their own for allegedly defiling a minor who was in their custody.

The investigating officer Inspector John Kamau, wants the suspect detained until the determination of the case on grounds of witness interference.

Appearing before Narok Chief Magistrates court, IP Kamau added that the suspect, 50 year old Anthony Nanyokie, is also a flight risk due to the seriousness of the offence.

The court heard that the witnesses in the case are vulnerable due to the manner and the circumstances under which the offence was committed, therefore, there is high likelihood of interference of witnesses and the conduct of the case.

“The accused person is a serving police officer and the key witnesses are police officers and neighbours to the accused hence a close nexus to the witnesses which increases the chance of interference,” Kamau said.

According to IP Kamau’s affidavit, the victim, 16, was on the 2nd December 2022 taken to the Sakutek Police Station pursuant to a missing person report that was lodged by her mother.

He added that the victim and another person were in custody in order for investigations to be conducted into the circumstances under which she had disappeared and was at the homestead of another person.

It is alleged that Nanyokie was on duty at the material time at the Sakutiek Police Station.

The defilement

The accused is said to have forcefully picked the victim from the cell at around 1:00pm and defiled her and returned her back to the cells.

On the same day at around 4pm, the accused again picked the victim from the cells and directed her to cook a meal and wash utensils. He later returned her to the cells.

The court heard that at around 7:30pm, the officer again picked the victim from the cells and took her to his house where he asked her to hide under the bed after a knock by a fellow police officer who wanted keys to the cells. The accused left to hand over the keys.

“When the accused came back, he directed the victim to go to a neighbour’s house where she stayed for a while before the accused picked her up and took her to his house where he defiled her again that night.

Nanyokie allegedly returned the minor to the police cell at around 5am on 3rd December 2022.

The court further heard that during the time the accused was defiling the minor, he was using threats and intimidation to execute his criminal acts.

The officer is also said to have given the minor his phone number and told her that once she gets home, she should park her clothes and go to his place so that he can marry her.

The defence requested for time to respond to the application. The matter will be heard on 8th December 2022.

Nanyokie has since been interdicted.