Former presidential aspirant in court seeking to have KDF withdrawn from Somalia


A Former presidential aspirant has moved to court seeking  to have the Ministry of Defense compelled to withdraw the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) from Somalia.

Truphena Moraa, also a leader of Women Empowerment Kenya (WEK) who filed the petition on behalf of the group also wants the matter certified urgent and be heard during court vacation.
The former aspirant who vied for the presidential seat in the 2007 general elections, argues that continued stay of KDF in Somalia poses a threat to the Kenyan security as there is fear of retaliatory attacks by Al-shabaab in any part of the country.
She also argues that many Kenyans have lost their lives and many more will if the MOD does not withdraw its troops from Somalia.
The petition was filed on grounds that the operation in Somalia resulted in retaliatory attacks by Al-shabaab militants to the Kenyan people as well as the KDF in somalia leading to loss of lives.
The petitioner adds that the Attorney General failed to provide proper/adequate advice to the government on the legality of the forces’ operations in Somalia.
WEK adds that the MOD overstepped its mandate by sending the troops to a foreign country without proper justification.
They also add that the National Intelligence Services did not conduct proper intelligence on the extent of the threats posed by Al-Shabaab and how to neutralize them adding that it is Kenyans who are now paying the painful price.
The petitioner adds that the United Nations allowed Kenyan forces to enter a sovereign territory in contravention of the international law and order.
According to an affidavit sworn by Ms Moraa, it is the entry of KDF into somalia that prompted numerous terrorist attacks and loss of lives Kenya is facing today.
She adds that before the Operation Linda Nchi, Kenya was facing hijackers across its borders and but not attackers.
The former aspirant also claims that it was the duty of the UN to bring order into Somalia and neutralize the militants not Kenya.
She argues that the politicians and leaders often talk tough without much action on war against the terrorists yet they have adequate security leaving the ordinary citizen to the Al-shabaab attacks.