G4S Heist:Two police officer charged with robbery with violence


Two police officers have been charged with robbery with violence with regard to the Sh 72 million Standard Chartered bank money heist on transit by G4S officers.

PC Simon Gichui Kariuki and APC Caroline Njeri Waithera are accused of robbing G4S staff Sh 74 million, 38 cassettes, 13 purge bins and 13 canvas bags all totalling to Sh 75.9 M and at or immediately before or after the said robbery threatened to use actual violence against the said G4S staff.

The two are alleged to have committed the offence on 5th September 2019 at Nairobi West Shopping Centre in Langata armed with firearms jointly with others not before court.

The two have have also been charged with Malicious damage to property and also conspiracy to commit a felony.

The court heard the officers willfully and unlawfully destroyed 36 cassettes and 11 purge bins all valued at 1.2 million, the property of G4S..

The officers denied the charges before Chief magistrate Martha Mutuku.

The matter will be mentioned on 9th October for consolidation with another similar case.