IEBC procurement officer accused by daughter of tribalism in court


A couple has been charged with conspiracy and stealing two ATM cards from an IEBC procurement officer Cynthia Cherop and Josephat Nganga were charged that they jointly conspired to commit a felony namely stealing and did steal steal the two ATM cards, one of barclays Bank Kenya and another of national bank of Kenya both belonging to Milka Chebosis Sitati.

Cherop who is Sitati’s daughter accused her mother of getting her and her boyfriend arrested for reasons she refused to break up with him because of their different ethnic backgrounds.

In another count the lovebirds were charged that on 4th June 2018, in Nakuru jointly conspired to commit a felony namely stealing and did steal Sh 40,000 from Barclays Bank and Sh 30,000 from National Bank using the two ATMS.

Nganga faced alone charge of creating disturbance in a manner likely to cause breach of peace.

The court heard that on 5th July 2018 at Anniversary Towers along University way in Nairobi, the accused threatened to beat Milka Chebosis and forcing her to say what she had told the daughter.

Ng’ang’a denied the charges whereas his girlfriend pleaded guilty.

When given an opportunity to the court, Cherop, a Moi University student, told the court the court that her mother got them arrested as punishment for disobeying her order to discontinue their relationship.

She said that her mother would not even pay her school fees yet she had an exam.

This she said led to her stealing the money, 40,000 which she took to school and another 30,000, part of which she used to start a business of selling second-hand clothes.

My mom has been demanding that I break up with Ng’ang’a because he is a Kikuyu and I am Kalenjin. She says Kikuyu’s are thieves and deserve to be in jail,” said Cherop.

The court heard that the girl frequently transacted monies for her mother every now and then.

For that reason, she new the pin numbers of her ATM cards.

“I have been transacting money for my mom every now and then. I have transacted large amounts of money, 200,000, 500,000 and even 900,000,” Cherop said.

The mother as claimed by the daughter, further told her that her boyfriend was very short and could not even ‘satisfy her’, you know what I mean…..the IEBC officer told her daughter that she knew a lot of real men and could get her one.

Cherop’s mother, IEBC procurement officer Milka Chebosis Sitati following her daughter to the cells at Milimani law courts

Chebosis as further claimed told her daughter, she has previously been in a relationship with a Kikuyu and he ended up stealing her money.

Shift blame

She went on further to say that after to say that after they were arrested, her family, mother, uncle and grandmother tried to convince her to shift the blame to her boyfriend so that he would remain in custody and she would be freed.

“I begged my mother to forgive me. I told her that I would break up with Ng’ang’a but I could not shift the blame to him because he was innocent,” she added.

Cherop told the court that she would return the money to she had left to her mother and repay the rest after selling the clothes she had bought.

The Magistrate summoned Cherop’s mother to come and clarify what her daughter was saying.

So, apparently the mom Chebosis told her daughter that if she accused her boyfriend of stealing the ATMs and withdrawing the monies, all the problems will be solved.

Later in the afternoon, the mother appeared in court and said that her daughter did steal the ATMs from her drawer and their proceeded to withdraw the money.

The whole scenario became emotional with both parties crying hysterically and the magistrate cut them shot.

The directed the matter be taken up by a probation officer and the report tabled in court in seven days.

The matter will however be mentioned tomorrow.

Ng’ang’a was released on a cash bail of Sh 30,000. His case will be mentioned on 6th August 2018.