Kiambu court frees Chinese businessman arrested at JKIA


The Kiambu Magistrates’ court has ordered the release of a Chinese businessman who had been arrested at the JKIA on his way to Uganda.

Chen Chao was heading to Uganda after being released on cash bail to honour summons by interpol over an alleged fraud committed in Rwanda.

However, he was arrested at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and the prosecution filed an application to have him detained and his passport held by the State.

Through lawyer Danstan Omari, the court heard that the police disobeyed court orders when they arrested Chao since he had been released by the court upon meeting his bail terms.

Chief Magistrate Emily Ominde also ordered the police not to harass him by arresting and taking him to different courts unless otherwise lawfully held on application.

While releasing the businessman, the magistrate ordered him to deposit his passport in court.

The DPP was also ordered to notify Interpol Uganda of the ongoing court process.

“The Director of Public Prosecution shall notify Interpol Uganda of the ongoing court process and the inability of the respondent to appear before it on the 7th of December, 2023,” the magistrate ruled.

Further, the DPP is to commence extradition proceedings against Chao by 14th December 2023-“failure to which this direction shall automatically lapse and passport returned to the respondent,” the court ruled.

Matter came for directions on the Prosecution’s application to have the Respondent detained and his passport held by the state.

 Chao is accused of leaving Rwanda without completing a contract issued to his company, ENTEC Technology Limited

Mention for directions/check compliance 14th December 2023.