Lawyer charged with stealing 4M from client


Another advocate has found himself on the other side of the dock after he was arrested and presented beforeĀ  court on allegations of theft by agent.

Billy Amugune Shigoli a lawyer and agent of Caroline Ann Cheledi is accused of stealing Sh 4, 027, 500, which he had received for or on account of Cheledi.
The advocate is alleged to have committed the offense on diverse dates between 15th January and 7 March 2017 at Embassy House along Harambee Avenue in Nairobi.
His lawyer John Swaka requested the court to diver his plea taking on grounds that his client was well.
Swaka informed the court that his client was not physically fit to plead to the charges since he was diabetic and had not had access to his medication.
The court heard that due to his illness, Shigoli is on constant administration of insulin.
Principal Magistrate Kenneth Cheruiyot considered the submissions and differed the plea to 2nd August 2018.
Considering that the accused was an officer of the court, Cheruiyot released him on a personal bond of Sh 300,000.