I am living under inhumane conditions at Kamiti prison, Bishop Deya tells court

The ‘miracle babies’ giver Bishop Gilbert Deya has told the court that he is living under inhumane conditions at the Kamiti Maximum prison where he is remanded pending his bail determination.
Through lawyer John Suaka, the Bishop said that he is sleeping on a very dirty mattress adding that he can not even access washrooms during the night.
The Bishop added that he has to relieve himself in a bucket at night which he has to stay  with until morning then clean it.
“My client is forced to wash the bucket himself with bare hands every morning with no soap or detergent,” Suaka told the court.
He said they called the officer-in-charge Kamiti maximum prison who told them the condition was the best they could do.
However, the magistrate said that he could not rule on the issue and directed the defense to take the matter to the relevant bodies such as the International Prison Standards.
According to the UK High Court judgment, Deya was supposed to be detained in special single cell unit here in Kenya upon arrest or conviction.
Deya who moved to the UK around the year 2005 is said to lead a congregation of more than 36,000 people in his UK churches.
Deya was charged with five counts of child stealing and the prosecution objected his release on bond on grounds that he is at flight risk.
He denied to have stolen the children, all below the age of 14 years in Nairobi County.
The court will make a ruling on his release on August 11th.