Man charged with cyber harassment after sending woman nude photos

Tyson Wabuti Emitekho at Milimani Law Courts where he was charged with cyber harassment. Photo/Courtesy.

A man has been charged with cyber harassment after sending nude photos of a woman.

Tyson Wabuti Emitekho is alleged to have sent two photos to the woman on 13th March 2022 knowing they could detrimentally affect her.

Emitekho is also charged with cyber harassment for sending the lady a whatsapp message to wit “keep checking your twitter, by midnight it will be posted without hide”.

In addition, he is charged with another count of cyber harassment after sending another whatsapp message to the lady that read “I was just proving if the allegations of you fucking young boys in Vihiga if it is true and at least I have proven. Just know if in any case I have a bitter heart then you will cry last”. 

The accused denied the charges before Principal Magistrate Gilbert Shikwe.

He was granted a bond of Sh 400,000 with alternative cash bail of Sh 100,000.