Man wants court to set aside gag order in Tob Cohen’s murder case


A man has filed application seeking to set aside media gag orders in the murder case of Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen.

Under a certificate of urgency, Jeremiah Ocharo Memba wants the court to review or set aside orders issued on 16th September, gagging the media from publishing details of investigation, evidence or any other information touching on the murder case and the DCI, DPP, defense and victims from commenting on the same in the media.

Through lawyer Shadrack Wambui, Memba who is also seeking to be enjoined in the matter as an interested party argues that the orders were issued without the participation or the involvement of the media house representatives thus rendering as meaningless the rules of natural justice.

According to the applicant, the restriction to the media to refrain from publishing any other information touching on the murder is so generalized and has gagged the media to the detriment of the greater public that largely depends on the media as a source of information.

Memba says that it is of general importance that information of the perpetrators is revealed, every detail of the proceedings disclosed and crime is punished as a seal of disapproval of Criminal conduct and all its manifestations.

In the case, the late Dutch businessman’s wife Sarah Wairimu Kamotho was charged with the murder of her husband a few days ago and released on bail.

The court will make its ruling on the application for joinder on 30th October.