Man wants DCI to arrest Wanjigi , claims the once inspector of police was dismissed over misuse of firearm

Businessman and political strategist Jimmy Wanjigi. Photo/courtesy

A petitioner has filed a judicial review case seeking to have the DCI compelled to arrest businessman/politician Jimmy Wanjigi for allegedly being in possession of illegal firearms and ammunition.

Memba Ocharo states that Wanjigi, a former Inspector of police, was ordered to surrender his firearm and stripped of his powers after  numerous complaints of misuse of firearms.

“The respondent, Wanjigi is a former Inspector of Police  and was stripped of all his police powers and ordered to surrender all his firearms and ammunition in his custody following numerous incidents and complaints about his misuse of firearms.

Through lawyer Danstan Omari, Ocharo argues that the businessman was dismissed from employment with the Police Service for misuse of firearms by threatening and intimidating members of the public.

“He has nonetheless been a licensed firearms holder until the 30th January 2018 when the firearm Board  revoked his firearms Certificate,” Ocharo adds.

According to him, Wanjigi will soon receive the firearms and ammunitions that were initially confiscated yet the Firearm Board has never conducted a due process that is in accord to the law to have his firearms certificate procedurally revoked in a manner anticipated in the ruling of the court in Republic v Firearms Licensing Board & another; Ex parte Jimi Wanjigi[2019]eklr.