Woman sues Narok Senator for child support, claims Sh 200,000 upkeep monthly

Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina. Photo/courtesy

A woman alleging to have sired a child with Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina wants the court to compel him to pay Sh 200,000 monthly upkeep.

Esther Wanjiru also wants the politician to pay the child’s school fees, related expenses and include him in his medical cover.

According to Wanjiru, she and the senator engaged in a romantic relationship in September 2019 but ended abruptly in July 2020 whe she informed him she was pregnant.

“When I conceived I immediately informed the respondent that he was going to be a father but to my dismay and utter shock, he cut off communication,” she states in her court documents.

Wanjiru claims to have been taking care of the minor who is now almost a year old single handedly and is unable to sustain his (minor’s) basic needs alone.

She claims she has tried reaching out to the senator through all available means to no avail. 

According to her, the respondent is a senator and a prolific businessman with excessive means to provide for the minor.

Prior to the court case, the applicant had sent a demand letter to the senator through her lawyer demanding a Sh 350,000 monthly upkeep from him.

The amount consisted of Sh 80,000 for shelter, food Sh 50,000, househelp Sh 17,000, Medical Sh 40,000, clothing Sh 50,000, entertainment Sh 43,000, utility bills Sh 50,000 and service charge Sh 20,000.

The case was certified urgent and will be heard on 11th January 2022.